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Commitment to Green

Felson Companies is committed to creating a more sustainable environment for our residents, team members, and surrounding community. We are dedicated to researching and implementing green practices and products into our business operations so that we reduce, reuse, recycle, and act responsibly.

Below are a few of our sustainable initiatives:

  • All apartment communities have implemented recycling programs.

  • Significantly reduced energy usage by retrofitting lighting with occupancy sensors and CFL and LED fixtures and bulbs.

  • We’ve upgraded some landscaping irrigation systems with low flow drip systems to conserve water and have begun using a landscaping mulch that is made from 100% recycled, Bay Area-sourced yard trimmings, food compost, and lumber debris.

  • Retrofitted windows with Low-E glass which reflects outside heat during the summer months and retains interior heat in the winter months, thus reducing cooling and heating requirements.

  • Installed Energy Rated appliances.

  • All of our apartment communities are located near AC Transit stops and BART stations, thus reducing the dependence on car travel.

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